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Vampire Diaries - Edmund Devours His Prey

Approximate Running Time: :28

About Vampire Diaries - Edmund Devours His Prey

Director Afton Nills continues the epic Twinklight Saga with 11 hot twinks in five incredible new Vamp Scenes. Each scene takes you into the darkened alley ways, lairs, and candle lit bedrooms these vampires reign over. Watch as they sexually seduce and utilize their mysterious powers, taking advantage of the wondering youthful twinks. Five very hot sex scenes filled with rimming, biting, kissing, fucking, cock sucking and, of course, feeding.

Edmund, played by Krys Perez, and Brice Carson kiss and caress each other, building the anticipation with every bite, suck, and touch. Krys slinks between Brice's legs, minding his fangs while sucking his dick. Brice returns the favor before the vampire flips him over to eat his ass. When the vampire finally sinks his cock into Brice, their fucking is intense and passionate. After things get sticky when the boys cum, Krys feeds.

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