Butt Nurse 3
This time it's a house call. Once again this fellow is sick with tummy aches and the Dr. sent the nurses to help him out. It begins with a regular exam but when its time for a rectal temperature taking he decides to give the nurses a hard time. She warned him before this about a good spanking if he gave them a hard time. With out a word he is turned over, the nurse knees and gives him a hard bare bottom spanking until his bottom is bright red. Then his temperature is taken again. He is also given a rectal exam with one and 2 finger insertions. They find he is constipated so first he is given a castor oil enema. He once again gives the nurses a hard time. He is paddled this time with a large round wooden paddle. His bottom is then stretched and reamed open with inflatable butt plugs and dildos. When one nurse leaves the room the other decided she is going to teach this guy a lesson. She tells him he needs more anal lubricating and reaming. So she takes out a large strap-on dildo and gives him a reaming fucking he will never forget. On his back, with his ass in the air she pile drives this dildo deep in his ass. Teaching him a lesson and at the same time, helping his tummy ache!!
Approximate Running Time::42
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