Bareleg Bondage Volume 8
VIET VENUS: Bound and gagged with a cleave gag while being robbed! Left home alone helpless and bound silenced with a ball gag! Classic hogtie in the nude! There is nothing better than "hanging" out at the studio with Woody!

HEAVEN: A patient gets revenge on this "Heavenly" nurse! Nipple clamps, a large ball gag and leather straps help this one along!

SANDI ROSE: Being bound on the floor with a ball gag to silence the screams for help!

NICOLE: You can tell she loves being bound in this one! Dressed in rubber the bit gag is the perfect accessory! Angry customer teaches this stripper a lesson she'll never forget! As the crotch rope rubs in all the right places, she loves it all! The cleave gag stops this maid from yelling for help as she is robbed!

MORGANAH: You can see a limber girl here, elbows touch and the bit gag is in tightly!
Approximate Running Time::58
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