Sexual Cat Fights
Do you think you're tough? CJ Bennett taunts Elizabeth X, suggesting she's not tough enough. In the ensuing battle, CJ resorts to flips, arm drags and leg trips against Miss X's superior strength, but to no avail. So they do each other. Grab the remote -the remote- and enjoy the spectacle!

Two real good friends, two of the best of friends, voluptuous Shelby and sensuous vixen Lola, get together for a friendly tumble on the mat. Along the way, they use leg holds, headlocks and other body-grinding maneuvers, eventually getting off their own sweaty flesh.

Bitch, you broke my nail! Hell hath not fury like a bitch with a broken nail. The bitch in question is Katlynn and the source of her discontent, Sheri. The two tear into each other like wild cats. Kay claws her way to the top, eventually winning the right to do to Sheri what we're sure you would like to do.. DON'T RUB THESE PUSSIES THE WRONG WAY...
Approximate Running Time:1:17
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