Inma Seiden #6_licensing dispute
Withstanding the Fire Witch's impossible defeat, Kaori had done it just to repent Hitomi's sin in unleashing the forbidden domain, to allow the academy followers to ambush Hitomi. Panting from the academy followers' ambush, Bonno had to endure the humiliation and shame for her fear that the world had not yet been liberated. Though feeling puzzled, she sternly decided to side with Mao, who was at odds with Hitomi. She pondered whether, as a sister, to ignore it or intervene in the situation by venturing in to the forbidden ground to save Hitomi? At last, as all the armors were founded up, the Fire Witch's plans have finally broached the final phase. So can the Fire Witch resuscitate her beloved sister? And can Mao and Kaori successfully intercept her evil plan?

This film is presented in the original Japanese with English subtitles.

Approximate Running Time::23
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