AAA Bondage Co Volume 7
Dana De Armond - Dana is bound with her elbows tied tightly together while being gagged with a very large ball gag that causes her to drool excessively.

Maria - Maria is bound and cleave gagged by an intruder. Her struggles are rewarded as she is able to untie herself and escape.

A burglar binds Maria and a ball gag silences her cries for help. When he finds nothing of value he takes it out on Maria.

Da - Da is bound and ball gagged in a chair. She loved being fondled while tied up.

Tawny Ocean - Tawny is expecting her husband but a burglar arrives instead. He binds and cleave gags her, and then terrorizes her. (On screen typing). .

Tawny is a banker's wife that is held for ransom. She is bound and then cleave gagged to shut up her cries of protest. He finally hogties her and then leaves.

Kylie Samone (Miss Nude Internet 2005) - Although the production of this video is before she won this title, we wish to acknowledge her with our updated cover. .

Kylie is bound and cleave gagged by a burglar. He decides to tickle and play with her. .

Her boyfriend honors Kylie's request for bondage, she even requests her own personal ball gag.

Donielle Dare - A man holding her for ransom binds Donielle. A large ball silences her protests and whining. The man then terrorizes her while they wait for the payoff..

Donielle is bound, in a modified frog tie. Her moans of pleasure are muffled by a cleave gag.

Approximate Running Time:1:02
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