Self-Bondage Studies I_PROVIDER REQUEST
Five beautiful girls teasingly gag and restrain themselves for your pleasure and their own - cooing, gurgling, and drooling from behind gags, bound in chain, rope, cuffs, and leather in various self-bondage scenarios! Dixie in white pantyhose, a red ballgag, leather cuff restraints, neck-ring, and a blindfold; Collared & corseted in garters and heels, Bubbles smiles & applies gloves, layers of petite chain, padlocks, and handcuffs; Bridgett hypnotically binds herself in a balltie with rope, dressed in her favorite frillys and cleave-gag; and Tobi & Rhiannon in a classic girl-girl self-bondage scene in PVC, leather and steel cuff sets, and padlocked chain - playfully preparing for that special someone. Could that someone be you?
Approximate Running Time:1:50
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