Lingeries - Office 2_licensing dispute
Having struck a vexing blow to his enemies at the Best Beauty Body Lingerie Company by freeing Alice from her sexual enslavement, Yusuke Nakanishi continues his strategy against the opposing faction within the company. His ruse: a new design for the perfect seamless underwear. For his schemes to succeed, he needs the help of Chisa Sakurai, a hapless computer engineer embroiled in the company's dark politics. To enlist her, Nakanishi must not only give her the means to discover who's hacked into R&D's network, but he must break through her coy resistance and expose her true hardcore wantonness. Can the noble Nakanishi come to this slut's rescue, finding that his pen is as mighty as his "sword?"

This movie is featured in Japanese with English subtitles.

Approximate Running Time::30
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