Kiss My Whip!
Galore, harsh tease and a riveting story line.

A pair of smart-ass writers investigates the underground world of lesbian D/s (Dominance and Submission), determined to produce a sensationalistic book. One is a gorgeous blonde named Kelly (she's played by popular porn actress P.J. Sparxx); her partner in mischief is spicy, red-haired Ginger (Trixie Tyler, another top-notch adult video performer).

They've amassed a fascinating collection of taped interviews detailing the hellish horrors of a certain Mistress's tease chamber. We see two of the most harrowing incidents, featuring pouty blonde cutie Shelby (portraying slave girl Dawn) and sexy brunette Cie Cie (as poor Mimi).

Hand spanking turns a dimpled backside blushing pink, then gives way to a serious lashing. The cat-o-nine-tails on tits and ass is followed by the riding crop - aimed at the sensitive soles of the feet. Mimi is hung from the dungeon rafters, swung on a whipping platform and strapped to an X-shaped cross. The beating is non-stop.

To obtain first-hand material, the writers volunteer to become apprentice slave girls, letting themselves in for the same merciless treatment. What they don't know is that the Mistress they've chosen is the mysterious sadist described in the most horrifying of their taped interviews!

Kelly and Ginger are battered to within inches of their lives, but survive to tell -and write- the tale. Later, however, when they compare notes and starts wondering if their teases might be the very one they've been warned about, curiosity takes them one step too far. The ending is pure shock - and not to be missed!
Approximate Running Time::59
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