Amateurz Pure Reality 1
Why stick with the ordinary? How about a girl putting on tights and then shoving a banana up her cunt? She could even stimulate herself until she cums, then peel the banana and rub the soft thing until it's all mushed up and dripping from the tights - and then, she could lick the pureed banana off the nylon. Wouldn't that be something? Tom Cruiso for one thinks it it is and is not prepared to just fantasise about it any longer and gets Tina Blonde to make it real. In the next scene the same Tina gets a very different treatment: Her hands are tied and he tickles her feet with - wait for it - a toothbrush! Feet; good point: he's got a fixation about them and almost shoots right off when she massages his cock with her toes. And then they fuck - up the ass and pussy; and always so Tina's legs in those delightful stockings are to be seen in the best light.
Approximate Running Time:3:51
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