Taylor Wane's Catfight Club
The finest in feline furiousity. It all started in a fight over a pair of panties at a local lingerie store...Little did they know they would each end up stripped naked and humiliated in front of everybody. They got so turned on they started shamelessly licking each other's wounds in spite of the audience (you). Taylor answers an ad that Sleazy Bastard placed looking for girls to fight at his club and is pleasantly surprised that the winners get to suck all of the cum out of his balls! Join Taylor and her cast of short-tempered felines as they pinch, pull, slap, spit & spank each other to pure ecstasy. The non-stop voyeuristic camera action really captures these pussies off guard as they surprise each other with a real spirit to win, no matter what it takes! Let the dames begin and the fur fly!
Approximate Running Time:1:12
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