Office Perverts Vol. 7
Kagney's boyfriend is having serious doubts about their relationship. Could a surprise visit at the office save it? Fear of downsizing has one employee looking to get back at management, even if it means taking a run at the boss's daughter Allie Haze. Revenge is a dish best served cold but Andy sure likes to heat things up before she drops the bomb on her soon to be ex-boss. A coworker's ploy has Blake thinking he's the humanitarian of the year. The only question is, will he be able to keep it up. A stage frightened manager can't seem to get his speech down right. Lucky for him, Marie has a few tricks up her sleeve for him. Breaking up is hard to do. Downsizing never felt so good. Ironing out the kinks. Puppy love and role reversal.
Approximate Running Time:2:16
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