Transsexual MILF Sex 2
WOW - A mom with a dick? Hmmm.... Does she breast feed you or feed you her dick??? Beautiful T-moms get deep ass poundings and have deep ass pounding cocks too! You want to give or receive...maybe both? Starring Pamela Araujo. She sets this movie off right in the first scene with Andre' Dumont. She's incredible with her big tits. She waits for Andre' as she's jerkin her dick, then Andre' comes in full force suckin' her cock then she sucks his. Pamela fucks him while in the spooning position and then doggy style. Andre' then sits on her hard cock and goes for a ride. She finishes Andre' by fucking him missionary, he pulls out Pamela shoots her load on her tits and he also shoots his on her tits.
Approximate Running Time:1:22
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