2 Cruel 2 Sadistic
Bart thinks he got lucky and is about to have a threesome when he goes home with two lovely ladies from a bar. Mistress Aiden and Mistress Evolyn have other ideas - like correcting Bart for his obnoxious behavior. The vixens strip Bart naked and take turns holding him down while the other spank Bart with paddles, straps, canes and birch rods. Both ladies then paddle Bart at the same time and have him worship their feet. Mistress Evolyn smothers Bart while holding his legs up in the air so that Mistress Aiden can continue thrashing his ass.

In The second scene Kevin is also dominated by Mistress Aiden and Mistress Evolyn. They take turns battering his ass with leather straps and paddles. They also strap his feet and have him worship their feet. Then he is suspended and given a dose of the cane.
Approximate Running Time:1:00
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