Family Chronicles: Episode 1 - Grudge Fuck
Award-winning producer/director and renowned fetishist Kelly Payne is proud to present Family Chronicles, a multi-part series produced by The series is focused around the twisted and taboo desires of a girl named Julia and the dysfunctional relationships she has with her friends and family. Family Chronicles stars Sammi Rhodes as Julia and features the talents of Amber Rayne, Vannah Sterling and legendary actress Kylie Ireland.

Episode one opens with Julia running to seek solace from her cousin Laura after being shunned by an older lover she had met online. As she visits, Laura shares her own frustrations with Julia over the philandering ways of her on-again off-again girlfriend, Sam.

Julia is aware that her cousing Laura has long been attracted to her. When Julia realizes Laura is unhappy in her own relationship, she tricks Laura out of her clothes with a few hands of strip poker and proceeds to seduce her with a strip tease and a lap dance. The ensuing sex between the two young and wanton women leaves them both lying breathless and satiated on the couch but wanting more.

Stay tuned for episode two and find out if they will be able to keep their sexual tryst a secret from Mrs Robbins, Julia's overbearing step mother and Laura's aunt.
Approximate Running Time::52
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