Risque Girls
Provocative, sultry, and exciting. Risque Girls from Australian website abbywinters.com breaks away from the standard girl-girl scenes to feature a unique all-girl THREESOME!

Three stunning knockouts, three needing pussies, and multiple earth-shattering orgasms! Chloe and Larissa act as sexual muses for Kiki, obediently following her dirty orders while she eagerly watches on. It's not too long before Kiki's passion erupts and she squeezes herself between her friends' naked bodies, persuading them to pay her some much-needed, naughty attention.

With some casual, flirty suggestions and a few light touches, the attraction between Kara and Keilyn is instant and obvious. Their passion, energy and enthusiasm deliver these two lovers orgasm after orgasm. Making love the way they want-no script, no instruction, and no direction, this video perfectly captures hot girl-girl action abbywinters.com is renowned for!

Approximate Running Time:2:05
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