The Orgasm Bar 8
Glamour model Lola Lynn agrees to try out the orgasm bar. She jumps and squirms as the wand goes on. She works her pussy off the wand and slowly drips drool down her body to lube up her pussy and the wand. The sight of her arched out dripping drool is too hot to be missed. She settles on the wand as her legs tire and the orgasm fun ensues.

Lola sweats and drools after multiple orgasms, but she hasn't had many because she is squirming off the wand, finding many ways to cheat the predicament. I try moving her ankles back but she still cheats. I finally strap her legs together, locking the wand against her pussy. Now we get to the sexy brunettes' orgasm limits.

Bondage superstar Christina Carter takes her turn on the bar. The first half of her ride is a sexy dance. The orgasms and intensity builds and the first tease orgasm hits right at the end of the scene.

Christina is working the wand so sweet. I oil up her breasts and pussy and turn the wand on high. After the next orgasm she goes up on her toes. I lower the wand and she works herself to yet another screaming orgasm that nearly finishes her. I enter and turn the wand on high to finish her off.
Approximate Running Time:1:56
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