Porsche Lynn's Destiny
Enter the private domain of the legendary mistress Porsche Lynn. In an extraordinary session captured in her own personal dungeon, Porsche explores the limits of pain and pleasure with her love slave destiny D'Amour. In passionate surrender, statuesque blond destiny offers herself up on the St. Andrew's cross to her Mistress' well-aimed lash, writhing in ecstasy as the whip strikes with unerring accuracy, straddling her slaves back, Porsche collects the reins from Destiny's bitted mouth and rides her, pony style, around the dungeon. Destiny's loving tongue pays worshipful tribute to every inch of her mistress' long, lean body. Lingering over Porsche's gleaming, thigh high boots. In an atmosphere of torrid intimacy. Mistress and slave give themselves over to the pleasures of domination and submission as only true lovers can. Experience the reality of Porsche Lynn's Destiny.
Approximate Running Time:1:01
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