Our Little Secret
Andie and Jana are good friends, and love to party together. Arriving home late one afternoon, they are a bit too tipsy to hold back their feelings for each other. They both assume the other has never been with a girl before, but after exploring their curiosity and putting it into action, they realize that may not be true. Neither is willing to admit to anything, but both end up having a joyous, intimate and very satisfying time and vow to each other that their sexy tryst will remain "our little secret".

Carli Banks and Celeste Star are roommates who totally enjoy foreplay and fun. Dressing up in gorgeous lingerie and elegant nylon, they smoke and kiss and turn each other on and drive each other crazy. Carli takes charge and soon has Celeste twitching and moaning at her fingertips, and even uses the heavy artillery (the Vibra King) on her willing roomy. Multiple orgasms later the girls have a smoke and candid chat outside before saying goodbye until their next meeting!

Hot, intimate and real deal lesbian love.
Approximate Running Time:1:17
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