Wayward Mistress
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Poor Cindy does not think her boyfriend Ric (played by West Coast porn workhorse, Ric Lutze) understands her. In spite of a great sex life - amply demonstrated on screen - she feels the need to get away and think through their relationship. What better place to do this than with a girlfriend who hooks for a living? At least if Cindy can't get her head together, she can give a little head. Watching from an adjoining room, Cindy observes her pal Barbara getting it on with a middle-aged hippy (who looks a bit like David Crosby) and gets a little hot between the thighs herself.

After the trick leaves, the two girls swap fluids on the living room sofa until the next client appears, an amateur photographer. Barbara welcomes the shutterbug to shoot the two of them - at a discounted rate - and the buddies get back to business. (During one unplanned, comical moment, the client tells the two girls he'd like to see them "69" and both have a difficult time figuring out how to assume the position).
Approximate Running Time:1:07
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