Video Pirates 3
Bondage movie producer Rick Sretsam (Rick Masters) continues his merciless battle with a group of underworld thugs who illegally duplicate films and protect their illicit operations with extortion and terror.

Con man and video pirate Barry Kelphead (Nick Long) latched onto Rick, pirating his movies and extorting money from the hapless pornographer. Barry then spirits away Rick's wife Tina (Kerri Downs) to guarantee payment.

Rick launches a fiendish series of reprisals using Barry's hot female kin as participants in a bondage flick, then slipping the tape to Barry as if it's a new movie to pirate. Barry is so shocked when he sees the tape, he keels over dead and Tina is able to escape.

Now, the pirates strike back. Vicious crime boss and video pirate Norman B (Harlan Broadway) decides Rick needs to be taught a lesson. They lure Rick's beautiful sister Allysha (Kelly McKay) into a dark alley where she is caught by Norman's henchman, Alex (Travis Lee).

Delivered bound, gagged and squirming to the video lab of the pirates, Allysha is strung up and stripped by the perverse thugs. As she is flogged, shocked and humiliated her suffering is carefully photographed so Rick can see what's become of his sweet sister. Now Rick will back off, or will he?

Rick decides he needs professional help to find the lab and rescue his sister, but he can't call the cops. Instead he calls a private investigator, a hot little blonde named Dee Dee Chase (Candi Licks).

Dee Dee finds the lab where Allysha is being held, but while trying to rescue her gets caught herself by a gloating Alex. Now she finds herself in the basement strung up just like Allysha. The pirates want to know who sent her, and she's not talking... yet.
Approximate Running Time:1:15
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