Malicious Mina
Mistress Mina's dating service sends her a bozo named Bart, who shows up in gym shorts and a tank top to take her on a date. Mistress Mina is dressed to kill and is shocked when Bart suggests they go to the beach. She locks him in her pillory and ruthlessly slaps his face and scratches him with her finger nails. Mistress Mina then administers a hard beating with her paddle, strap, flogger, and quirt. Next she smothers him until he is blue in the face. In the second scene the dating service has sent another moron over who is wearing a mask, this nimrod claims he thought they were going to a masquerade party. Guess what, he gets the same treatment as Bart. Mina puts him over a horse and gives him a hard hand spanking before securing him to her stretching rack. She then smothers him while whacking his balls with a crop; she puts clothespins on his balls and slaps them with her hand, and continually slaps his face very hard.
Approximate Running Time::56
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