Whipped For Her Pleasure
Mistress Kat-9 enters the room to her slave tied spread eagled on the massage table. She is irritated that her slave already has marks on his ass. He has obviously played with another Domme without Kat's permission. Kat begins his punishment by using a leather strap and flogger on her slave. Then she begins to smack his balls hard with the slapper and making him say, "I'm a whore," many times, much to her amusement.

Mistress Kat-9 then breaks out her favorite implement - the cane. She must give him well over a hundred severe strokes of her cane. Not satisfied, she crawls up onto the table and paddles his ass. Slave is then made to stand against the wall as Mistress Kat thrashes his back with several nasty single tail whips.
Approximate Running Time::45
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