Real Men Volume 6 - Daddy Chain
Wake up to the sight of hairy man Ross getting fucked by big-dicked Clint first thing in the morning. Then join the hot threeway action as Cameron, Dillon and Clint get sweaty together. Later in the day muscle-daddies Spike and Joe swap fucks in the kitchen, and Ross and Dillon get into some hot oral action. This virile chain of events concludes with a six-man sweaty daddy orgy you won't want to miss.

Ross Wilson and Clint Taylor
JC and Robert hook up online. When JC shows up at Robert's house, he finds him out in the hot tub... hot, hard, and ready for action! You don't want to miss these two stocky men going at it. Watch Robert in ecstasy as he's taking JC's big, thick dick!

Cameron Stuart, Dillon Roy, and Clint Taylor
After Clint finishes his hot crack-of-dawn sex with Ross, he's walking down the street and gets picked up by the daddy couple Cameron and Stuart. All three of these hairy and hung men exchange fucks in this hot scene. Lot's of hot oral action!

Spike Morrison and Joe Sarge
Spike comes home from the grocery store to find his partner Joe in his underwear in the kitchen. He's throws down the groceries and they start to go at it. Witness these two passionate muscle-daddies devouring each other. The energy between these two masculine men is electric.

Dillon Roy and Ross Wilson
The day continues as Ross and Dillon encounter each other on the street. See these two muscle bears as they go at it in the living room. Lot's of masculine oral action in this scene.

Michael Burkk, Joe Sarge, Spike Morrison, Dillon Roy, Kent Burke, and Cameron Stuart
This virile chain of events concludes with a 6-man orgy that you'll want to get in the middle of. Witness these masculine, hung dads going at it. The scene ends with the guys tag-teaming Joe Sarge. See him in pig heaven as he gets fucked by all these hot men!
Approximate Running Time:2:09
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