Cum Hungry Volume One
Unloading cum - every man's desire. shoots non-stop dickloads down the insatiable throats of all willing whores. Open all user holes and get off with the hair, sweat, tattoos, piercings, sucking, pounding - slicked, dripping fuck poles delivering juicy Daddy meat. Remember to Cum Hungry and get filled!

Scene One

Double Daddy hook up! When Ken and Lance ended up in front of the camera, we knew we hit the "daddy load". Hairy, foul mouthed, hungry and needy, Lance takes a thorough throat pounding. Lance does best... Slurp, Swish, Swallow

Scene Two

Once Park got hold of Trevor's cock, all bets were off and Park was on his hands and knees -- ass up, filled with trucker dick. Do you eat your daddy's cum? Park does.

Scene Three

Although Geoffrey is only 27 he is one NASTY PIG. This boi know how to have sex. I could run circles around some older guys. He loves the taste of his cum and piss. I have got your attention????

Scene Four

Super-Daddy Tit Pig and his monster huge nipples and beer can cock along with military brat Ryan, Daddy cum - good to the last drop.

Scene Five

Dillon has one of the most suck-able dick we have ever scene. Dillon delivers at THICK CREAMY load in his first solo jack off video.

Approximate Running Time:1:41
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