Butt Bouncers
Porn superstar Robert Van Damme made his leap into being a producer, writer and co-director, alongside award-winning Gino Colbert, with a bundle of amazing DVDs ready for release. His First was Private Party, the start of a three part mystery series, followed quickly by the independently conceived Anal Intruder, a tale of a porn producer who's always on the lookout for performers to be in his upcoming movie. Private Party 2 continued the mystery, which satisfied some strong sexual urges , but didn't solve the question of who is actually throwing these sex parties. And now comes Butt Bouncers, which just could be the movie that Robert was casting in Anal Intruder, as the cast features many of the same hot muscle studs, daddies and bears. This film takes place early on Halloween evening in a gay bar that Robert operates.

Scene 1 - Robert Van Damme & Brodie Newport

- As Robert is going over the last minute details, Brodie puts in an appearance at the door to apply for the job of bouncer. Robert doesn't quite see Brodie as bouncer material but recognizes the possibilities he might offer as a sex partner. Not one to pass up a potentially hot time, Robert leads him into the kitchen to take a closer look. He asks Brodie to take off his clothes to check out his potential. Brodie removes his shirt and Robert goes over and kisses him. He then takes Brodie's pants down, revealing his nice big dick and drops to his knees to suck it. Robert then puts Brodie up on a kitchen table to really work his dick. Robert is an accomplished cock sucker and deepthroats Brodie, spitting on and working both his balls and dick. Robert wants it all. He then pushes his own big dick down Brodie's throat, reaching over him to go down on Brodie's dick at the same time. With Brodie now on his back on the table, his head hanging over the edge, Robert comes around behind him to face-fuck him. Brodie manages to slip his tongue under Robert's foreskin to lick around the head which drives him wild. The two make sounds of ecstasy like a couple of animals in heat. Robert then puts Brodie on his knees on the table so that he can eat his ass, taking giant tongue licks up and down his butt and balls. He fingers him and then, with Brodie standing on the floor, shoves his dick in to fuck him. Brodie eventually moves to lie once again on the table, and Robert continues his fucking alternating thrusts with occasional kisses. Brodie lies back, and with assistance from Robert's fingers up his ass, jacks off and cums the length of his body. Robert Follows suit, jacking off and shooting over Brodie. Having gotten their rocks off, Brodie asks again about being his bouncer. Robert unceremoniously pushes him, naked with his clothes in hand, out into the alley. Bouncer? Ha!

Scene 2 - Josh West, mike Power & Geoffrey Paine

- The three are club decorators who arrive to bring some last minute Halloween items and put the finishing touches on their work of the day before. Robert leads them to the main club room but leaves them to their own devices. They are so horny and more than ready to have sex with each other, so they take the opportunity to get out of their clothes and act on their impulses. Geoffrey's naked butt seems to be the object of attraction for the other two. Josh face fucks Geoffrey while Mike works on his ass. Geoffrey sucks, first on Mike and then on Josh. Their clothes are now totally gone and Josh is onto Mike's butt and hole while Geoffrey services Mike and then Josh. On his back on a table, Geoffrey sucks on Josh while Mike now eats his ass. His finger then goes in, followed by his dick. After a while they switch so that Josh can fuck and Geoffrey can suck on Mike. There's a lot of playful hitting, spitting and swatting. Mike jacks off and then inserts his dick in Geoffrey's mouth. Geoffrey spews cum on his stomach and then josh dumps a load on him. Mike, now sitting on Geoffrey's face, cums as well, dripping lots of sweat and juice. Robert reappears and catches them saying "you're supposed to be decorating my bar".

Scene 3 - CJ Madison & Dean Tucker

- As the bartender, CJ is behind the bar polishing glasses for the big night ahead. Dean enters the club and tells him that he's his help for tonight. "Well, get on the bar naked" suggests CJ. Dean responds by literally getting up on the bar naked. Like Robert before him, CJ's not one to turn down sex when it's so invitingly offered right there in front of him so he takes off his shirt and immediately goes down on dean. "Lick my hole, man" dean moans, so CJ spreads his cheeks and eats his ass. He spits on it and munches away. Then Dean gets down off the bar and CJ gets up on it so that Dean can give him some head and ass munching as well. Dean then leans over the bar and CJ shoves his considerable dick up his ass. Dean jacks off, all the while getting power fucked. "I want you on your back" CJ demands and Dean quickly responds. Dean lies across a couple of bar stools so that CJ can slam it missionary style. "tighten it up" CJ says and Dean obviously obliges because CJ responds by saying "that's nice". He continues to pound his ass, as Dean beats his dick faster and faster. "Fuck the cum out of me" he moans, and CJ does his best to do so. CJ gets back on the bar to jack off and shoot himself, telling Dean "play with my ass"! Dean shoves his fingers up his ass and CJ cums. Dean licks up the cum and goes down on CJ some more. He's still big and hard and enjoying the afterglow. "clean up the bar" the now finished CJ orders. "You mean I got the job"? asks dean. "Yeah" and from the twinkle in CJ's eyes, one would guess that their night has only begun.

Scene 4 - Peter Axel & Brad Rock

- Peter and Brad are two solidly built muscular men setting up sound equipment for the party. While Brad is listening to a head set and fine tuning system, Peter is feeling the urge to merge with his co-worker. He undoes Brad's pants and pulls his thick dick out to suck. Brad goes along with Peter and gets rid of his clothes. Peter pushes his shirt up over his head and goes to work. He loves deep throating Brad's monster cock. Peter drops his pants as Brad kneels down to get his ass eaten and his big low hanging balls sucked. Eventually Peter's legs go in the air so that Brad can fuck him. After a lengthy missionary session, Peter gets up to sit on Brad's dick and goes for a ride. Brad finally sits on Peter's face and jacks off, shooting over Peter's chest. Peter rubs his own well lubed cock and cums as well.

Scene 5 - Coby Mitchell & Tyler Saint

- Coby and Tyler could be fraternal twins, but aren't. They've both got great muscular bodies. Coby has a firm bubble butt and Tyler has an especially long, handsome cock, but there is an almost familial similarity. They are the hired bouncers for the evening - and look it. Tyler admits "it's going to be difficult working with you. I'm not gonna be able to keep my hands off of you. Is that a problem"? Coby says "not at all". As they kiss some more, Coby asks "you want to check out the bar"? To which Tyler responds "I'd rather check you out". They continue to kiss and take their shirts off - two hot muscular bodies ready to go at it. Tyler takes Coby's dick out of his pants and goes down on it, sucks it and again they kiss. Tyler goes back to sucking, cock, balls and all. They change places and Coby heads down on Tyler's impressive plaything. It's perfect, perfectly large dick. And they kiss some more. coby sits up on the bar, legs in the air so that Tyler can lick his butt. He takes Coby's socks off, has a brief taste of his feet and then goes right back to his ass. His tongue makes long swipes up and down Coby's crack. He doesn't miss his balls and dick, but drives his tongue into Coby's hole. Coby asks Tyler "Are you gonna fuck me with tour big dick"? Need he ask? But before he lets Tyler go at it, he wants to eat his butthole. So the accommodating Tyler kneels on a barstool to provide his ass and take his eager licking - balls, dick and hole. Then Coby once again offers his bubble butt but this time for fucking. Lying over a stool, Coby takes both Tyler's eating and then his long dick sailing up his butt to pound his ass.Ooh and aah are about the only sounds that come out of Coby as Tyler rams him It's a great pairing of a big hard dick and an eager ass that wants it and can take it. Tyler even accommodates Coby by stroking his dick a bit as he fucks him. Occasionally he grabs onto Coby's shoulders and head for leverage as he pounds his ass. Coby jacks off and shoots a load of white jizz over the barstool he's leaning on. Coby then kneels down on the floor so that Tyler can off and shoot his load on his chest. They kiss and then hurry to get dressed and ready for the party, but you know that this isn't the end of these two. With chemistry like that, you know it won't be long before they'll be at it again.

Approximate Running Time:1:31
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