The Naughty Niece
Meet Darren and Marlene they E-mailed in search of some discipline. They are both submissive and they were both in need of a spanking. So I decided to use them in this video. While visiting her Aunt for the summer Marlene was given some rules to follow. Her Aunt made it very clear there were to be no boys in the house. After returning home from bingo she walks in to find her spoiled niece is lying on the bed with a boy in her nightgown and him half naked. Her Aunt becomes furious. She scolds the both of them and decides what they both need is a good hard bare bottom spanking. One at a time they are turned over Aunties knee for very long hard spankings. They are continually scolded and then they are both strapped individually and side by side across the bed with their uncles old razor strap. By the end of their punishment they are both crying and begging and promising to be obey the rules. It is a hard lesson they learn, but it is a lesson neither one will ever forget for a long time. This is a hard spanking, strapping and hairbrush spanking.
Approximate Running Time::50
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