Made An Example Of
When he showed up, there was an attitude in his answers and a smirk on his face. I guess he thought it was all a big joke. Boy was he wrong! He knew why he came and I scolded him about disrespectful behavior towards his girlfriend. He seemed not to care at all until I told him to take down his pants and to get over my lap. Still acting cocky he did it. Right after the first whack he knew that he was in for a real discipline spanking.

He was hand spanked, tightly tied over two chairs and strapped and then paddled. To add to it, my roommate had come in by accident towards the end of the strapping and Id ecided to let her help. She couldn't resist after I filled her in on why he was here. By the time we finished with him he was crying, balling tears, begging and promising he will be more respectful of women and treat them with kindness and courtesy.

A real arrogant male chauvinist is put in his place with tight bondage, because of all his kicking and squirming.
Approximate Running Time::38
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