Young Blonde Bondage & Discipline
This movie is about the submission of a young blonde, Amber. We see Amber, wearing black boots, a short black skirt and a blouse sitting in a chair in the Royal Castle Dungeon in Philadelphia. Her breasts swell beneath her blouse. She tells Master Savage that her boyfriend has tied her up and spanked her and she loves it. Master Rick says, "Then we'll just have to make you happy today." Rick explains that nothing short of total obedience is essential if she wants to work in one of his bondage videos. Amber agrees to all of Rick's terms. Rick uses rope to affix Amber's wrists to a couple of rings, bolted into the dungeon wall. Rick's favorite kind of tit tease, bare handed tit tease, is the first order of the day. Rick squeezes her natural tits through her blouse, then unbuttons the blouse and lifts up her black bra, exposing medium-sized, all natural, perfect tits. Rick remarks, "Some women would pay thousands of dollars to have tits this perfect." His hand begins squeezing, pinching, then squeezing harder as sweet little moans begin to emerge from Amber.

Rick holds his camera in his left hand and inflicts the tit tease with his right, giving viewers that POV look so they can feel like THEY are inflicting the tit punishment. Suddenly, Master smacks one of Amber's beautiful boobs. Plenty of nice, harsh tit-spanking is now blended into Amber's breast tease. Rick places his camera on his tripod, focuses on Amber's face and boobs and reaches up from below the frame using both hands to tease Amber's incredible boobs. Again, the view is POV. Rick next uses a couple of floggers to heighten the edge of Amber's tit tease. Repeatedly, the strands of leather slap Amber's immaculate tits. Occasionally, Rick just can't resist, so he puts down the flogger and painfully squeezes deeply into Amber's firm tit flesh. There's nipple tease blended in, as quite often, the very tips of the flogger nail Amber directly on her hard nipples. Eventually, the tit tease ceases and Amber is released from her bondage and told to stand in a corner like a bad girl.

After a few minutes, Amber is told to strip. Amber removes her blouse and skirt, then asks, "All the way?" Rick tells her, "You can leave your boots on." Besides her stunning, natural boobs, we now see that Amber has a really pretty tushie with cute round butt cheeks that are so sweet, they look like two scoops of ice cream. Amber's bald pussy is also quite pretty. Her pussy lips are slightly thick but beautifully shaped. They almost look swollen, the way pussy lips can look after a really hard fucking. Rick now applies some amazing rope bondage that serves to frame her glorious ass cheeks AND her shaved pussy. With rope framing her pussy lips, it looks as though her succulent pussy lips are jutting forward, protruding past the bondage. This is an amazingly beautiful piece of rope bondage. A ball gag is now tied into Amber's mouth. She is commanded to face the wall and WOW, the rope bondage has done a great job of forming a picture frame around Amber's amazing ass. Amber's butt punishment is a blend of flogging and bare hand spanking, and her gorgeous buttocks jiggle beautifully with each blow. Then, Rick holds the camera in his left hand and uses his riding crop to punish those glowing butt cheeks.

After lots of ass punishment, Amber is told to face the camera and stroke her pussy for the camera. She obeys, and Rick's camera zooms close for a stunning view of Amber's pretty pussy. Then, while she continues to caress her pussy, Rick resumes smacking her bare ass with his riding crop and spanking her. Eventually, our young blonde gets a taste of pussy tease, as Rick applies sturdy plastic clothespins to her thick, pretty pussy lips, then toys with the clothespins. Amber, naked and bound with clothespins still attached to her pussy, is now told to stand in the corner again.

When the camera fades up, lots of rope bondage has been used to tie the totally naked Amber into a wooden chair, facing the back of the chair. Well, totally naked except for her black high heels. Her pretty butt cheeks hang over the front edge of the chair. After more barehanded tit tease, Master Rick applies lots of the sturdy plastic clothespins to Amber's great tits. The clothespins form a fan-like pattern along the lower edge of her tits. Rick then plays with her tits and the clothespins, which heightens the tit tease. He even taps and smacks the clothespins with his riding crop. With her tits still dripping with clothespins, Amber's pretty ass cheeks are again spanked and cropped. Then, to crown off his "tit sculpture," clothespins are placed directly on her small, rock hard nipples. Amber is left to meditate on her pain.

When the camera fades up, we find Amber in a different rope bondage position. The totally nude blonde is lying on the floor with her wrists bound to slats in a wooden railing just above her head. Her ankles are tied to the hand railing over her head with her legs slightly spread. Her pretty shaved pussy looks stunning, so Rick delivers pussy tease in the form of a flogging with his small, rubber flogger. To finish off this piece of bondage sculpture, Rick affixes a long length of rope around Amber's waist. The rope passes between our sexy blonde's butt cheeks, between her bare pussy lips and is attached to the railing over her head. As the camera fades, Amber is left in this uncomfortable bondage position.

Throughout this bondage video, Amber demonstrates a totally submissive nature. Her amazing body is like clay in the hands of legendary Master Rick Savage. We found ourselves hoping for a volume two of "Amber meets Rick."
Approximate Running Time::51
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