St. Thrashmore School For Girls
Tasha Lee is the new teacher at St. Thrashmore's, an extremely exclusive school for girls. As part of her orientation, headmistress Kelly Payne explains to Ms. Lee that discipline is strict at St. Thrashmore and infractions of the rules are dealt with by the use of corporal punishment. When Ms. Lee questions the use of spanking, she is informed that she is expected to conform, and spanking of the girls will be required of her. That expectation is tested a short time later when Ms. Lee catches two girls smoking in the yard while classes are in session. After leading the naughty pair, Chrystyne and Adele Phi, to the punishment room, Ms Lee attempts to discipline the two with somewhat comedic results. A short time later, an angry Headmistress Payne enters the room. Watching on a closed circuit monitor from her office, she has seen the two teenagers pull the wool over the eyes of their teacher. Using the bare bottoms of the two girls, Ms. Payne take the opportunity to show Ms. Lee just exactly how discipline is delivered at St. Thrashmore, ending with a surprise the shocked new teacher couldn't have expected.
Approximate Running Time::48
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