Marianne Bouquet (Les Desaxees)
Originally Released in 1972 as a softcore film under the French title Les Desaxees, it received very good reviews when screened at the Cannes Film Festival. (hardcore scenes were not allowed in French theaters). It was released in American theaters under the name Marianne Bouquet in 1977 with the hardcore scenes re-inserted and an additional scene that included American actors Eileen Wells and John Seeman. Marianne Bouquet is exquisite erotica with stunning cinematography by Philippe Théaudière and a top rate screenplay by actor/director Michel Lemoine.

Marianne, the beautiful wife of Michael, loves her husband very much, but Michael cannot resist the lure of illict sex. His sexual escapades are seemingly endless. Marianne's faithfulness has its limits and when she meets and beds the handsome Philip, she must make a decision... to wait for the man she married to return to her or start her life anew with someone else. The passions of the heart and body come together in an explicit, searing tale of love and lust and a woman ready to bloom emotionally and sexually.
Approximate Running Time:1:18
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