Coaxed Tickling - Heather's Tickle_violence
Heather Silk is abducted against her will. She wakes up to find herself bound on a bed in a stranger's home. FEAR quickly changes to AROUSAL as her violator massages her PUSSY with the help of a unique powerful vibrator with a wooden curved head. When inserted into the pussy, it creates extremely powerful vibrations while massaging the clitoris. Heather can't do much, as her hands and feet are bound tight. What is clear is that her pussy is becoming extremely lubricated.

Then it happens, just when she thought she was going to reach orgasm, her violator starts to tickle her to tears. Heather's emotions are all over the place. She doesn't know whether to laugh, cry, scream or cum. In between the begging and moaning, Heather admits with shame that she cannot control her orgasm - it is coming fast, and she can't stop it. She finally surrenders and cums all over the powerful device pressed hard against her dripping pussy. When he pulls out, her juices are everywhere.
Approximate Running Time::11
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